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AS1001WH - aspara Nature Smart IoT Hydroponic Grower/Growing System, 16 Grow pods, 10 sensors, All Seasons Indoor Garden/Support Apple iOS and Google Android app

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Brand: PerfectPrime

Color: White


  • Intelligent Patented LEDs: Programmed to emit the right blend of light spectrum to fully simulate optimum natural conditions. Plants flourish under red/blue light wavelengths as nature intended and the powerful 60W LEDs will ensure all parts of the plants is covered in light.
  • Up to 16 plant grown at once: The large yet compact hydroponics grower allows growers to plant 16 plants per cycle and is completely soilless, clean and relies on an ebb and flow technology to provide oxygen to plants roots.
  • App Management: Monitor and control several aspara Natures in just one phone. Get notifications for refilling water or nutrients when required. See graphs detailing temperature, humidity conditions and amount of sunlight.
  • Smart Sensors: Accurately control the plants grow environment by adjusting growing factors and monitoring them through the sensors. Accelerate or slow down the speed of growth, even alter the appearance of plants by changing the temperature.
  • Interactive Touch Panel: Manually set the growth programs and change settings directly on the hydroponic grower through its touch panel. Simple, easy and efficient

Publisher: PerfectPrime


aspara hydroponic smart grower has a unique LED light design and smart sensors that enables it to deliver the optimum amount of light intensity and spectrum for maximum plant growth.

This is the ideal product to enhance ones home and add a lavish flare to it. The curved and smooth design of the hydroponic smart grower doesn't just integrate to its environment, it brings it to life with a smart refreshing look, be it in the kitchen, living room or greenhouse.

Change your lifestyle to a healthier and greener one by conveniently growing fresh organic produce at home all year round and in half the time compared to traditional methods.

EAN: 5060529682458

Package Dimensions: 24.4 x 17.4 x 17.1 inches