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George zhang Projector home small 1080P HD smart home projector wireless wifi screenless TV E10

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Brand: George zhang


  • [Strong performance, extremely fast and smooth experience] The E10 uses 2GB of running memory, and multiple apps can run smoothly at the same time, saying goodbye to system freezes. 16GB large-capacity flash memory, compared with 8GB, you can install dozens of more APPs to accommodate more exciting.
  • [Diffuse reflection imaging, reduce eye irritation] Using the principle of diffuse reflection imaging, the image light is softer and more natural, reducing eye irritation and less likely to cause visual fatigue.
  • [Strong heat dissipation design, more stable performance] Using 3 large diameter 6MM liquid cooling and heat pipes,
  • the heat dissipation area is increased by 28% compared with the previous generation products, the total area exceeds 70,000MM²,
  • the intelligent fan and high temperature protection system pamper your love machine and reduce wind noise , Safe and worry-free.

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