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LIVOLO Smart Wireless Remote Control Light Switch White with LED Indicator with Tempered Glass Panel Touch Light Switch 3 Gang 1 Way, VL-C303R-61-R

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Color: White


  • Single L wire wiring.It can replace your existing traditional switches directly.It Contains:1 x Switch,1 x Remote Control(No Batteries),1 x User Manual.Certification:CE, RoHS.Warranty:2 Year.
  • Life becomes more convinient:Powerful RF wireless features can operate up to 20 meters range.With the remote in your hand, you can effortlessly control switch as you like.Also an ideal ally to those with limited mobility.
  • {1-1000W lamps available}[LED backlight]:Soft red/blue Indicator shows the Light on/off clearly.And help you find the position of the switch easily in darkness.
  • [Multi-protection]: The surface is made of safety glass with polished edges.Waterproof,fire-retardant material and no electric arc, which is to guarantee secure and reliable working.
  • Offer you 100% Risk Free Satisfaction Guarantee:We manufacture the product and own the brand. Provide the original good quality and ex factory price switch.Contact us without hesitation to solve the problem until satisfaction.

Publisher: LIVOLO



At LIVOLO, we have always been inspired by love and we are committed to spreading that motivation.

To fulfill a more convenient, connected lifestyle, we continuously devotes to developing a vast variety of wall touch switch, socket and relevant accessory.

Our product line consists of C6 UK standard and C7 EU standard for home and entertainment.


Crystal tempered glass touch panel.Scratch-resistant, damp proof,fire retardant.

For Added Convenience

Touch enabled, has the familiarity of a smartphone

With Soft LED indicator, the position of the switch can be easily found in darkness but zero-impact on sleep

ATTENTION:1.Electricity must be off during installation.It means: Only after the glass panel has been installed can you finally connect the power.Otherwise the switch will not work properly.

2.If the lamp (especially LED) is lower than 20W, it may blink frequently when it is off. Usually light adapter (VL-PJ01) can solve it.

Note:For 2 way switches: Synchronization is required after installation.


Life Time:100,000 Times

Certification: CE, RoHS

Warranty:2 year


Switch Type:Touch On/Off Switch

Operating Environment:-30~70 Centigrade;Less than 95% RH

Self Consuming Power:Less than 0.1mW

What's included

1 x Switch

1 x Remote Control(No Batteries)

1 x User Manual

Package Dimensions: 4.4 x 3.9 x 2.0 inches