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Projectors Video home HD 1080p smart wifi wireless screenless TV 3D home theater (Color : Silver, Size : 21.4 * 21.4 * 5.27cm)

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Brand: Projectors


  • 【Advantages of the projector】 - - No need to pull the curtains during the day. 3200 lumens, any environment can be kept clear and beautiful, the brightness of the projector, divided into white light lumens and material lumens. White light lumens can determine the brightness of white light, and color lumens determine the vividness and clarity of the picture in bright and bright environments.
  • 【The projector is very convenient】 - - U disk files can be directly projected, you have to believe that the projector of the same price can never do. It can be dual-screen projection, and can access two devices at the same time, and simultaneously reveal two screens. When the VGA and USB-B signals are connected, the projector automatically turns on without using the remote controller and manual control, which is very simple and convenient.
  • 【Multi-purpose projector】 - - Business meetings, office entertainment, can use it, you can say goodbye to dark meeting rooms, bright and clear projection
  • 【Rich interface, support multiple device associations】 - - Can meet your different requirements, business office, home entertainment, long life of light bulbs, can be used for a long time. You can focus to make your picture clearer.
  • 【HDMI interface】 - - Support audio / video synchronization transmission, support computers, game consoles, notebooks, Blu-ray players, cameras, wireless modules, network boxes,It feels like a cinema. Oversized screen.

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