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Smart ZigBee Plug Certified 3.00 Plug Socket for Smart Home Automation | Works with Zigbee Hub from Philips Hue* SmartThings and Amazon Echo Plus Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

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Brand: Ajaxonline


  • Very Easy to Pair Smart ZigBee 3.0 Socket Plug: Works with Philips Hue * ZigBee Bridge, Echo Plus. * Please NOTE DOES NOT WORK WITH APPLE HOMEKIT and Hue Entertainment
  • Works with Zigbee Plug / Zigbee Switch :With manual control switch on the outlet so that you can control devices when you do not control it by phone
  • Zigbee Plug work as a ZigBee repeater, extending the range of your ZigBee devices, when plugged into a wall outlet.
  • Control your appliances from your smartphone.
  • Set your lamps or electric heaters to switch off when you do not need them.

Publisher: Ajaxonline


With Ajax Online Zigbee certified plug you can control your lamp and appliances from anywhere in the world using your tablet or smartphone. (Zigbee hub like Amazon Echo Plus Philips hue, SmartThings,Tradfri, etc required) 

You can turn devices on/off, check status, create schedules and set timers. 

With Ajax Online Zigbee plug, you can have peace of mind by checking on your devices remotely and always coming home to a well-lit house. 

With Ajax Online Plug you can make it look like you are home when you travel by turning lights on/off or at set times to conserve energy, hence reducing electricity bills.

Add voice control to any electronic device by pairing with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. With IFTTT, you can also create personalized Applets that trigger automatic actions on your smart ZigBee plug.

Techie Stuff!

Voltage : 100 AC - 240 AC 50/60 Hz -

Wattage: 13A 3000w

Power Consumption when not in use: <.5 w>


Warranty: 2-Years Unconditional.

EAN: 7426964102063

Package Dimensions: 4.1 x 3.1 x 2.2 inches