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Sonoff Smart Switch Wall Light Glass Panel Wall Touch Switch WIFI Wireless Remote Light Relay App Control Work with Alexa Google Home

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Color: 1 -Band White

Brand Name: SONOFF
Type: Electrical Plug
Grounding: Standard Grounding
Outlets Number: 1
Overload Protection: Yes
Surge Protector: Yes
Extension Cable Length: None
Model Number: Type 86
Rated Voltage: 100-240V
Rated Current: 10A
Application: Commercial,Industrial,Hospital,Residential / General-Purpose
Rated Power: 3-1000 W
USB Ports Number: None
Single USB Max Output: None
USB Total Power: NO
Support Quick Charge: No
Master Switch: Yes
Sub-control Switch: Yes
Synchronous Rectification Technology: Yes
Number of control paths: 1 -Band / 2 -Band / 3 -Band
Size: 86 x 86 x 34mm
Weight: 0.17 kg
Maximum current: 10A / Gang
Power supply: 110 V-240 V
Power: 3-1000 W / band
Standard wireless: 802.11 b / g / n
Wi-Fi remote: turn the light on/off from anywhere
App support: Free iOS and Android mobile apps
Compatibility: Use with for Amazon Alexa, Google Home
Certification: CE FCC RoHS
Material: Unique tempered glass panel