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TSTYS Smart IH Rice Cooker Appointment Home Rice Cooker Steamer 3L Can Connect With WiFi, Mobile Remote Control,White

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Brand: TSTYS

Color: White


  • ★ Control interface upgrade: OLED screen brings a new interactive experience. The IH rice cooker upgrades the control interface to a 1.32-inch OLED screen, which can not only display more information content, but also greatly optimize the interaction between the device and the user.
  • ★ A large number of cloud menus: Improve the software and hardware control experience of the device and APP. After connecting to the app, one-click cooking of massive cloud recipes, the selected recipes are clearly displayed on the rice cooker, and the deliciousness is clear at a glance, opening a new cooking experience.
  • ★ Pressure IH heating: The micro-pressure IH rice cooker still uses the IH heating method. The copper coil generates an electromagnetic reaction with the iron atoms, which makes the inner tank self-heating. As if dancing in a pot.
  • ★ Gray cast iron material: Heavy gray cast iron liners continue to be used on IH rice cookers. Compared with common alloy liners, gray cast iron is widely used in high-end kitchenware because of its stability, magnetic permeability and heat storage capacity.
  • ★ Non-stick and easy to clean: PFA coating, non-stick pan, easy to clean and more durable. It is expensive and is widely used in Japanese rice cookers. The trouble of washing the pot disappeared after using our rice cooker.

Binding: Kitchen & Home

Publisher: TSTYS factory

Details: 1. The normal working altitude range of the product is 0m ~ 2000m. Do not place the product near devices that are susceptible to electromagnetic interference. Do not use non-dedicated inner pots or deformed inner pots to prevent burns or injuries due to overheating.
2. The appliance must not be immersed or drenched in water. Do not use hard objects such as steel balls to clean or scrub the inner pot. Use a soft cloth for cleaning.
3. It is forbidden to use power supply other than AC 220V to avoid fire and electric shock. Do not allow children to use it alone. It should be placed out of reach of infants and young children to avoid dangerous accidents such as electric shock and burns.
4. It is strictly forbidden to open the lid during cooking. Only open the container after the cooking is completed or stopped until the pressure is fully released.
5. Do not place the inner pot on other heat sources (such as induction cooker, gas stove).
6. During use or just after use, do not place your body near the steam outlet, and pay special attention to keep infants and young children away, as it may cause burns.
7. It is strictly forbidden to open the lid during cooking. The container can only be opened after the cooking is completed or stopped until the pressure is fully released.
8. Do not use the rice cooker to make food (such as laver, kelp, etc.) that may cause the vent holes to be blocked, and it is strictly forbidden to cover the top cover with other items during use, so as not to release steam.
9. If the holding time is more than 24 hours, the rice will smell.

EAN: 4585755352087