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WiFi Smart Heating Controller Wireless Thermostat for Combi Boiler - Voltage Free Contacts, Voice App Control or Manual Buttons Compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant, IFTTT

by flyfan
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Brand: flyfan

Color: Boiler Heating


  • [Intelligent Temperature Control] - The boiler thermostat has controlled by smart phone, connect to the network, no distance limit. The temp precise accurancy ±1℃, output power 220VAC±10%, Max current load 5A fits most of the water boilers, gas boilers water heating systems.
  • [Effective Energy-Saving] - Adjust the room temperature in a timely according to the location of people's activities to reduce energy consumption. The wifi thermostat instant access to your temperature and heating activity report for your home would reduces your heating bill up to 30%. It pays for itself within a year while increasing your home's energy efficiency.
  • [Multi-Function] - Our wireless thermostat for control your heating system by your smartphone APP anywhere and setting functions and checking current states by APP. Smart home integration and voice control for your heating with Amazon Alexa, Google Aassistant, IFTTT, Tuya and Rokid. Also can set the schedule to set temperature programming control for different time periods.
  • [High Quality and Unique Design] - This heating thermostat made of superior durable materials, frame is PC + ABS flameresistant material and the inner sensor type is NTC. The unique appearance has won the 'reddot design award', which has 'piano keys' buttons with accurate circuit design, stable and precise, longer service life. The wiring junction box size is 86*86mm, works well with almost all gas boilers on the market of Britain.
  • [Our Service] - Please make sure heating thermostat is suitable for your home equipment system and strictly follow the installation instructions operate. If you have any questions about the installation and settings, please kindly contact to us any time.

Publisher: Ancoco

Details: The Package Contents:
Thermostat: 1pc
Screws: 2pc
Installation/User Guide manual :1pc
How to Install the Flyfan Boiler Thermostat? (Text Version)
Before installation, you must cut off the power to prevent electric shock!
1. Use a screwdriver to pry open the panel, I mean that being separated the front and back plates (Be careful not to pry the sensor, the black one)
2. When wiring, terminals 7 and 8 are connected to 220V Live line and Neutral line respectively
3.When wiring:
a) If a three-wire valve is connected, the normally open line is connected to terminals 5, the normally closed line is connected to the 6th terminal, and the common line is connected to terminals 8.
b) If the normally opened valve is connected, the normally opened line of the normally opened valve is connected to terminals 5 and the common line is connected to terminals 8.
c) If the normally closed valve is connected, the normally closed line of the normally closed valve is connected to terminals 6 and the common line is connected to terminals 8
4. When wiring, if you wanna control the boiler, terminals 3 and 4 passive output are connected to the boiler to provide switching signals
5. When wiring, terminals 1 and 2 can be connected to the external sensing line (according to your actual demand)
6. Check all wiring to make sure the wiring is correct
7. Lock the backplate of thermostat on the wall of 86 box decoration plate provided for holes and marks. There are screw holes on the decoration plate (There are two screws in the package)
8. Snap the display panel into the power module
9. Turn on the power
10. Switch on the thermostat. Very simple setup, there are manuals in the product!
11.Follow along with the user guide to settings

UPC: 745499151757

EAN: 745499151757

Package Dimensions: 3.9 x 3.9 x 3.0 inches