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Yughb Fingerprint and Touchscreen Smart Lock | 6-in-1 Keyless Entry | Secure Finger ID | Anti-peep Code | Fingerprint Biometric Door Lock with Fingerprint

by Yughb
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Brand: Yughb


  • ★ Six unlock modes:Fingerprint unlocking is convenient and quick password unlocking security, magnetic card unlocking is fast, key unlocking multiple protection, combination unlocking guarantees security, APP unlocks quickly and enters home.
  • ★ APP intelligent system:Fingerprint touches the hand and presses it. It is a simple matter to set it up. It takes only 5 seconds to set it up. It is convenient and convenient to go home and say that you are a convenient and convenient thing. Smart APP remote unlocking with one button, it is always easy for people to unlock it.
  • ★ Smart IC Card:Abandon the cumbersome key-seeking project, the direct magnetic card is in place, starting with the elderly and children, to facilitate their time to enter the house. (The magnetic card needs to be placed in a safe place, such as: car, bag, pocket)
  • ★ Password Unlock:Virtual password anti-peeping, support 12-digit fake password, just remember your real password when setting the virtual password. Not afraid to forget, safety is more of a guarantee.
  • ★ Multiple protections:It doesn't matter if you forget the password or the magnetic card is lost. We also have the key to insert, giving you a variety of ways to protect you, so that you can go out and have fun.

Publisher: JNRTU

Details: Please contact us freely if you have any problem during installation and programming.Keyless Convenience
Say goodbye to lost, stolen and just plain forgotten keys. With an easy-to-install keypad, coming and going is keyless, effortless - and painless.

It's a perfect option for home,office,gyms, rental houses,apartment,bedroom, offering great convenience of reliable keyless access by code or cards instead of keys.

Product Name: Smart Lock
Locking shell material: zinc alloy
Storage: password fingerprint card key
Reaction time: 0.1 second
Screen: LED touch screen
Cylinder level: C-class lock cylinder
Lock body specification: stainless steel mechanical lock body

Once the fingerprint sensor is placed on the fingerprint sensor, it automatically wakes up and is conveniently positioned at your natural hand position. A seamless action lets you wake up the sensor, read the fingerprint and unlock the door.

Rechargeable lithium battery
4300 mAh large capacity lithium battery, open 10 times a day, can be used for 7 months

USB interface emergency charging
When the battery is out of power, the external charging treasure can be easily unlocked, and only the conventional data cable can be used to complete the power supply requirement.

Double-sided serpentine track lock core anti-copy
Super C-class lock core / 300 minutes anti-tech open / let thieves have no way to start

EAN: 6935639792467